AkkType Help

Akkadian and Sumerian

In your input, write Akkadian in lowercase letters and Sumerograms with capital characters.

DINGIR-MESZ ra-bu-tim
dingir-meš ra-bu-tim

Both Akkadian and Sumerian have special characters. Below is a full overview. Note that Old Akkadian ś, Akkadian aleph and Sumerian ĝ are included.

sz c s, t, h ' aa aaa ee eee ii iii uu uuu SZ G, H
š ś ā â ē ê ī î ū û š ĝ

To write a capital letter in Akkadian, place an underscore before it.



Determinatives are written between curly brackets. It does not matter whether you write them in lowercase or uppercase. The result will always be lowercase.


Curly brackets can also be used to write superscript exclamation or question marks.


Numbers are subscript by default.


To write a standalone number that’s not subscript, place a colon before it.


Sign names

To write the name of a sign, place a colon before the name and write the name in capitals.



The following brackets can be used.

(na) [na] [[na]] <na>
(na) [na] na <na>


To start a new line, simply enter a semicolon.

dayyaanum rabuuum;sza szameee u ers,etim
dayyānum rabûm
ša šamê u erṣetim

If there is something you have to edit manually after pasting the output into your text editor, it is good practice to mark it with an asterisk.